Our Middle School Science Olympiad Anatomy coaches would love to have any old anatomical models and charts or posters with information about diseases and preventive measures that are being replaced.

For this year they are looking for anything in Cardiovascular, Immune, Integumentary (including sense organs) and Endocrine systems but all other systems are gladly accepted.

If you have any that you can donate to FSAPS, we would be glad to have them. Please drop them off at the front desk with Pam Walsh or Gloria Stathos.


Science Olympiad Team brings home 2nd Place from Chattahoochee Invitational

On Saturday, Fulton Science Academy Private School Science Olympiad Team competed in the Chattahoochee Invitational in Johns Creek. This was the first tournament of the season and included teams from throughout the metro Atlanta area, including rival Dodgen Middle School. The FSA team took first place and many FSAPS students earned medals in their events.

Head Coaches Pam Walsh and Gloria Stathos were pleased with the team’s performance. “This early in the season it’s difficult to be prepared for each of the 23 events. Many of the building events require much trial and error. Students were calibrating their devices all week and to have a working device for each event this early in the season is quite an accomplishment,” said Mrs. Walsh.

Individual awards were earned by the following students:

Air Trajectorycoached by Ms. Tang

1st Place – Sruthi Chatrathi and Saad Maan

Anatomycoached by Ms. Doraiswami

3rd Place – Hasan Unal and Araneesh Pratap

Bio Process Labcoached by Mrs. Uppaluri

4th Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Faith Lucas

5th Place – Sanjeev Uppaluri and Vihan Karnala

Bottle Rocketscoached by Mr. Seker

1st Place – Prajwal Vedula and Akash Bhatt

2nd Place – Andre Hamelberg and Sophie Richardson

3rd Place – Faris Unal and Karen Pederson

Bridgescoached by Mr. Seker

1st Place – Faith Lucas and Sophie Richardson

2nd Place – Akash Bhatt and Ananya Pottabhathini

Can’t Judge a Powdercoached by Ms. Lang

1st Place – Sarah Lucas and Hasan Unal

3rd Place – Soleil Moffitt and Christina Wang

Crime Busterscoached by Ms. Lang

2nd Place – Sarah Lucas and Hasan Unal

Disease Detectivescoached by Mrs. Bhatt and Ms. Chirumamilla

1st Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Araneesh Pratap

2nd Place – Akash Bhatt and Saad Maan

Dynamic Planetcoached by Mrs. Walsh

3rd Place – Mira Mutnick and Sophie Richardson

4th Place – Akash Bhatt and Christina Wang

Elastic Launch Glidercoached by Mrs. Walsh

3rd Place – Karuna Kumar and Avinash Pratap

Entomologycoached by Mrs. Butler

2nd Place – Soleil Moffitt and Will Mutsch

4th Place – Bella Sims and Maddie Dressel

Experimental Designcoached by Mrs. Stathos

3rd Place – Simon Wang, Mira Mutnick, and Ananya Terala

5th Place – Karen Pederson, Krishna Kumar, and Shreya Puvvula

Fossilscoached by Ms. Beres

2nd Place – Araneesh Pratap and Faith Lucas

5th Place – Karen Pederson and Ameya Rekapalli

Green Generationcoached by Ms. Larson

1st Place – Faith Lucas and Sarah Lucas

3rd Place – Soleil Moffitt and Christina Wang

Meteorologycoached by Mrs. Walsh

1st Place – Araneesh Pratap and Ananya Terala

5th Place – Saneev Uppaluri and Callie Webster

Picture Thiscoached by Ms. Fichter

4th Place – Sophie Richardson, Ananya Terala, and Avinash Pratap

5th Place – Katherine Li, Kayti Duchiene, Sanjeev Uppaluri

Robo-Crosscoached by Mr. Kaya

4th Place – Mira Mutnick and Hasan Unal

Simple Machinescoached by Ms. Duzyol

1st Place – Karuna Kumar and Araneesh Pratap

5th Place – Krishna Kumar and Destiny Abbey

Solar Systemcoached by Mrs. Walsh

4th Place –Brian Shoffeitt and Andre Hamelberg

Write It, Do Itcoached by Mrs. Stathos

2nd Place – Katherine Li and Vihan Karnala

3rd Place – Sedat Akgun and Faris Unal

fsa science olympiad



Congratulations to the FSA Model U.N. team! Last week, the team traveled to Statesboro, GA to compete in the 33rd Annual Georgia Southern Middle School Model United Nations competition. The team this year has a total of 27 students, many of whom have never competed or been involved in Model U.N. before. Mr. Stiffler and Ms. Pruett are so excited to announce that our team won Honorable Mention as a school delegation, and had 9 students win individual awards.

In a first for our school, an entire delegation, in this case representing Nigeria, was recognized for their individual accomplishments; a tremendous feat!

Honorable Mention was awarded to Sanjeev Uppaluri (France) in the Security Council, Addie Hobbs (Chad) and Sophie Richardson (Nigeria) in the African Union, Sophie Chan (France) in the Human Rights Council, and Neeha Marupudi (Nigeria) and Savannah Flowers (Nigeria) in the General Assembly.

Further, Chloe Richardson (Nigeria) in the Security Council, Kian Nijaf (Kenya) in the African Union and Jaeden Amiri-Owens (Nigeria) in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were all named as Distinguished Delegates for their roles.

The team now has to quickly turnaround and prepare for their next competition on November 21st at Centennial High School.

Congratulations to these students, and to the entire team for such an outstanding performance! Mr. Stiffler and Ms. Pruett are so proud of them, and hope you will share in our excitement as you congratulate these students!

fsa model un


On Saturday, November 8th Science Olympiad Entomology students Katherine Li, Sarah Lucas, Soleil Moffit, and Isabella Sims along with coaches Mrs. Stathos, Mrs. Butler, and parent driver Malisa Sims visited the UGA entomology department. Entomology is the study of insects and we were out for an education!

Several UGA undergrad students were there to greet us and introduced us to some live insects. They then introduced us to Nancy Miorelli, a graduate student in entomology. We learned that Nancy had taught several classes including Entomology for Teachers, Forensic Entomology, as well as the Ecuador Term Abroad-Insect Natural History & Plant Biology. It was wonderful to have access to a scientist so knowledgeable and passionate about her subject!

She began our adventure by bringing out various bug collections and even allowing us to view the insects under special microscopes while she explained how to identify them and how they impact our lives. We got a short course in forensic entomology and how scientists use insects that inhabit decomposing remains to aid legal investigations. Very interesting! We then explored mouth parts, leg, antennae, and wing adaptations, adaptations to different environments, and how insects mimic both other insects and the environment.

We would like to give a big FSA thank you to Nancy Miorelli for sharing her knowledge and time with us and to parent Malisa Sims for driving.fsa science olypiad entomology


This semester in Pre-K/K Hands-On Science has been so much fun! We have discussed and explored our five senses, talked about color and how to make new colors, learned all about pumpkins, and have been talking about turkeys! Students love to take part in the discoveries we’ve made together!

We used the three primary colors red, yellow, and blue to create all of these secondary and tertiary colors!

Students mixed colored vinegar with baking soda to make colorful fizzing dot art!

After learning about turkeys, we did a Thanksgiving-themed activity where we drew hand turkeys and wrote what we are thankful for.

fsa hands-on club2 fsa hands-on club1


In Hands on Science, students have been having a fun “hands on” time discovering facts about different science topics. So far this semester, some of the subjects the students have learned about are; the five senses, how planes fly and what happens when you add dish soap to milk containing food coloring.

The last two weeks the students have been learning about the reaction between baking soda and vinegar, so this week we started to build and design small bottle rockets. Once they are finished, we will take them outside, where I will add vinegar and soda and will launch them for the students so that we can see how high they will fly.

fsa first grade hands on club2 fsa first grade hands on club