What an amazing past two weeks for the Fulton Science Academy Private School Math Olympiad Team students! After winning 1st place as a team in six different Math competitions during last school year, the FSAPS Math Olympiad Team students had a great start to this year’s Math competitions as well. FSAPS Math Team students did a spectacular job on Saturday, November 1st during the War Eagle Math Competition at South Forsyth High School in the Middle School and Accelerated Divisions. FSAPS participated with the maximum number of teams allowed with one team in the Accelerated Division and three teams in the 6th-8th grade Middle School Division. Three of the four teams placed in the top three teams!

FSAPS received 1st place in Accelerated Division! (Accelerated Team A: Charlie Furniss, Katherine Li, Karuna Kumar, and Ananya Terala)

FSAPS received 2nd place in Small Middle School Division! (Team A: Andre Hamelberg, Christina Wang, Vishal Ram, and Tyler Hecht)

FSAPS also received 3rd place in Small Middle School Division! (Team B: Shreya Rekapalli, Maryam Unal, Arul Selvakumar, and Mario Machado)

These victories came on the heel of their successes during the Rockdale Math Competition. Fulton Science Academy Private School also received first place as a team in the Small Middle Schools Category in 2014 Rockdale Math Competition on Saturday Oct 25th! Among all middle schools including the larger Middle Schools, FSA Private placed as third as a team.

Principal Kenan Sener congratulated all Fulton Science Academy Math Olympiad Team students, parents, and coaches for their success. Principal Sener said “This is the fruit of many countless hours these students have spent working as a team before school, after school, on weekends, and even at Math Cabin Camps organized by their teachers. Way to go!”

Fulton science academy math competition6 Fulton science academy math competition5 Fulton science academy math competition4 Fulton science academy math competition2 Fulton science academy math competition1 Fulton science academy math competition


On Friday, October 31st all the Kindergarten students enjoyed a Fall Centers Celebration between our two Kindergarten rooms, the PVO room, and the back breezeway. Students decorated cookies (one to eat and one to keep!) and enjoyed a cup of “Spooky Brew” at the “Cookie Decorating Station.” Our little artists painted beautiful wooden frames at the “Craft Station”. After adding a little glitter glue, a few 3-D stickers, and the commemorative picture of all their friends during our Berry Patch Farms field trip – this Fall keepsake brings smiles to everyone’s face and the students can’t wait to bring them home!

Students were finally able to put the last two weeks of daily morning estimation practice to good use during the “Estimation Station” activity. Our awesome parent volunteers helped students look at several containers filled with treats and prizes and had each member of the group come up with and write an estimate for the amount of items inside one jar they chose as a group. After counting every item in each jar, the child that guessed the closest to the actual number received two items from the jar to put in their goody bag. The other children in the group each received one. Students had tons of fun estimating like crazy and earning prizes until it was time to switch stations!

Students created a messy “Yarn Pumpkin” project using yarn and balloons after playing a fun game of “Pin The Nose on the Pumpkin”. Students were able to get their hands very messy and covered in glue as they dipped pieces of yarn into the glue solution, wrapped their balloons with the yarn, added a stem, and are waiting for their “Yarn Pumpkins” to dry and harden so they can take them home for a fun Fall decoration!

In the PVO room the students were surprised with a giant tent also known as the “Storytelling Cave.” Students helped select and then listened to some of their favorite Fall stories inside a cozy tent complete with fluffy pillows and a cozy pumpkin blanket. The best part? Students lit up their stories with the glow sticks and wands they earned for great behavior inside the tent!

Outside in the back breezeway, students added points earned during “Pumpkin Buckets” and used pumpkin sponges to transport water as fast as they could from a giant cauldron to plastic pumpkin buckets in the “Jack-O-Lantern Relay.”

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this event a big success. The students couldn’t stop talking about all the fun they had the rest of the day, and are still talking about all the fun they had this week 🙂 They said it was the “best day all year.” Oh, if only they knew how many fun events they have to look forward to yet in Kindergarten…

Fulton Science academy Fall center celebration Fulton Science academy Fall center celebration1 Fulton Science academy Fall center celebration2


The First Grade celebrated Fall on October 31 with fun pumpkin themed centers. In the morning they measured pumpkins, played pumpkin Bingo, completed pumpkin glyphs, and made a pumpkin craft describing everything they are thankful for. In the afternoon, they had a lot of fun decorating pumpkin sugar cookies, pinning the nose on a pumpkin, winning prizes during a Cake Walk, bowling and tossing bean bags at a pumpkin, and finally – completing an experiment called Dissolving Pumpkins. Many parents donated prizes and their time to make our day special. All of the students had a wonderful time!

Fulton Science academy Fall center celebration first2 Fulton Science academy Fall center celebration fist


On Tuesday, October 28th from 8:15 am until 10:15 am Ms. Fichter’s Kindergarten had Pumpkin Math small groups in the cafeteria! The children split into three groups and measured their pumpkin, counted the ridges, scooped out the insides of the pumpkin, weighed the pumpkin, carved the pumpkin, counted and separated the seeds, etc. Afterwards, judges pumpkin carving design winners and recorded and deciphered our results by creating a graph of our pumpkin math measurement results. On Wednesday, we enjoyed snacking on all of those pumpkin seeds we scooped out of the pumpkins (roasted, of course). Yummy!

Fulton Science academy learning math with pumpkins3 Fulton Science academy learning math with pumpkins2 Fulton Science academy learning math with pumpkins1 Fulton Science academy learning math with pumpkins


Students are using their creativity and imagination in Mrs.Irshadullah’s Arts and Crafts club. Students have created sky scrapers, tear paper apple, candy corn to name a few. Students have been working with scissors to gain control on their fine motor skills. We have been working with different materials like stamp pads, stencils, cotton balls, yarn, bingo dotters to make our own creation. In this club there is no right or wrong, so students feel free to explore and have a sense of accomplishment and pride working together.

Fultonscienceacdemy arts club


The students in Kindergarten learned about Diwali this past week. Part of our Social Studies curriculum encourages us to learn about different cultures, and the way that different cultures live and celebrate. Many of our Kindergarten friends celebrated Diwali with their families, and they were so excited to share about Diwali with their Kindergarten friends! In Kindergarten, we talked about Diwali, watched an information video about the Diwali celebrations, and created some awesome fireworks artwork to represent the Diwali fireworks. We had a fantastic time learning about this holiday, and our students who celebrated Diwali with their families had an even better time sharing their customs with their classmates. A happy belated Diwali from Kindergarten at FSAPS to all of those who celebrated it!

Fulton Science Academy Happy divali


First grade had a terrific day on Friday! We started our day off with a special visitor. Stephanie Howell, Mrs. Whitlock’s younger sister, is a graduate student in veterinary medicine at the University of Georgia. She brought her cat Gray and discussed with first grade students how veterinarians take care of animals and gave them a look at what a typical vet visit might look like. Students loved getting to see and pet Gray and had a lot of great questions for the future Dr. Howell to answer!

Fulton Science Academy veterinarian visit


Model UN is an academic team which gives students the opportunity to explore issues facing the world today. The Model UN team takes on the role of diplomats to engage in research, debate, and conflict resolution in an authentic simulation of the United Nations. By utilizing these skills, students will gain a better understanding of the many countries and cultures that make up the world, and how to use diplomacy to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Throughout the year, the Model UN team will attend several conferences, representing a country or countries in which they will work with other teams in a process mirroring those of the actual United Nations.

The FSAPS Model UN team has several competitions scheduled for this school year. This month we will be travelling to Georgia Southern University for a conference on the 13th and 14th, while Centennial High School is hosting a conference on November 21st. Other competitions we are scheduled to attend include trips to both Savannah and New York City in March.

Students represent a number of diverse countries and serve on different councils for each competition. In the upcoming GSU conference, for example, students will represent the nations of Chad, France, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Kuwait and debate issues such as the current Ebola outbreak, ISIS/ISIL, Ukraine, child soldiers, human rights protocols, and the environment, among others. While serving in either the General Assembly, African Union, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Human Rights Council, or the Security Council.

Upcoming Schedule of Competitions:

Georgia Southern – November 13-14

Centennial High School – November 21

Savannah – March 5-6

New York City – March 25-28

Fulton Science Academy Model UN team


Thank you to all of the fourth and fifth grade parents for making our Red Pyramid and Redwall novel parties a huge success! The fourth and fifth graders all enjoyed snacks, drinks, board games, activities, and more on Friday as they celebrated the completion of two huge novel units. The fifth graders completed Rick Riordon’s The Red Pyramid, a 516 page novel, and the fourth graders completed Brian Jacques’s 308-page Redwall. The students all did a wonderful job with the units, scored very well on the final exams, and definitely deserved their end-of-unit celebrations! (pictures are attached)

Fulton Science Academy 4th and 5th grade success12 Fulton Science Academy 4th and 5th grade success1