What an amazing past two weeks for the Fulton Science Academy Private School Math Olympiad Team students! After winning 1st place as a team in six different Math competitions during last school year, the FSAPS Math Olympiad Team students had a great start to this year’s Math competitions as well. FSAPS Math Team students did a spectacular job on Saturday, November 1st during the War Eagle Math Competition at South Forsyth High School in the Middle School and Accelerated Divisions. FSAPS participated with the maximum number of teams allowed with one team in the Accelerated Division and three teams in the 6th-8th grade Middle School Division. Three of the four teams placed in the top three teams!

FSAPS received 1st place in Accelerated Division! (Accelerated Team A: Charlie Furniss, Katherine Li, Karuna Kumar, and Ananya Terala)

FSAPS received 2nd place in Small Middle School Division! (Team A: Andre Hamelberg, Christina Wang, Vishal Ram, and Tyler Hecht)

FSAPS also received 3rd place in Small Middle School Division! (Team B: Shreya Rekapalli, Maryam Unal, Arul Selvakumar, and Mario Machado)

These victories came on the heel of their successes during the Rockdale Math Competition. Fulton Science Academy Private School also received first place as a team in the Small Middle Schools Category in 2014 Rockdale Math Competition on Saturday Oct 25th! Among all middle schools including the larger Middle Schools, FSA Private placed as third as a team.

Principal Kenan Sener congratulated all Fulton Science Academy Math Olympiad Team students, parents, and coaches for their success. Principal Sener said “This is the fruit of many countless hours these students have spent working as a team before school, after school, on weekends, and even at Math Cabin Camps organized by their teachers. Way to go!”

Fulton science academy math competition6 Fulton science academy math competition5 Fulton science academy math competition4 Fulton science academy math competition2 Fulton science academy math competition1 Fulton science academy math competition

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