fsa science olypiad 2nd place

On Saturday, January 24, the Fulton Science Academy Private School Science Olympiad Team competed in the Dodgen Invitational, one of the premiere Science Olympiad competitions with teams from five states. FSAPS placed a close second to Piedmont IB School from Charlotte, North Carolina, who finished ninth at Science Olympiad Nationals last year. FSAPS Team members medaled in 19 of the 23 events, demonstrating great consistency. Head coaches Pam Walsh and Gloria Stathos were proud of the team’s performance. “This was definitely our hardest competition to date and our students really performed well,” said Mrs. Walsh.

Individual awards were earned by the following students:

Air Trajectorycoached by Ms. Tang

3rd Place – Simon Wang and Akash Bhatt

Anatomycoached by Ms Doraiswami

4th Place –Araneesh Pratap and Sanjeev Uppaluri

Bio Process Labcoached by Mrs. Uppaluri

2nd Place – Elaine Wen and Araneesh Pratap

Bottle Rocketscoached by Mr. Seker

4th Place – Andre Hamelberg and Akash Bhatt

Can’t Judge a Powdercoached by Ms. Lang

4th Place – Hasan Unal and Sarah Lucas

Crave the Wavecoached by Mr. Wang

1st Place – Simon Wang and Brian Shoffeitt

Crime Busterscoached by Ms. Lang

1st Place – Sarah Lucas and Hasan Unal

Disease Detectivescoached by Mrs. Bhatt and Ms. Chirumamilla

3rd Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Akash Bhatt

Dynamic Planetcoached by Mrs. Walsh

4th Place – Mira Mutnick and Sanjeev Uppaluri

Elastic Launch Glidercoached by Mrs. Walsh

3rd Place – Karuna Kumar and Andre Hamelberg

Entomologycoached by Mrs. Butler

2nd Place – Isabella Sims and Madeline Dressel

Experimental Designcoached by Mrs. Stathos

2nd Place – Simon Wang, Mira Mutnick, and Ananya Terala

Fossilscoached by Ms. Beres

1st Place – Araneesh Pratap and Faith Lucas

Green Generationcoached by Ms. Larson

2nd Place – Faith Lucas and Elaine Wen

Meteorologycoached by Mrs. Walsh

3rd Place – Sanjeev Uppaluri and Ananya Terala

Road Scholarcoached by Mrs. Stathos

1st Place – Mira Mutnick and Karuna Kumar

Simple Machinescoached by Mrs. Duzyol

3rd Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Araneesh Pratap

Solar Systemcoached by Mrs. Walsh

3rd Place –Brian Shoffeitt and Araneesh Pratap

Write It, Do Itcoached by Mrs. Stathos

2nd Place – Mira Mutnick and Karuna Kumar


fsa future city

On Saturday, January 24, the Fulton Science Academy Future City Team competed in Future City Competition at Southern Polytechnic State University. They won four awards including one of the seven special awards “Team of the year”. Even though it was the first experience for our teachers and students of Future City, they are off to a wonderful start!

FSA team took months to plan and build their city. Before the final judging on Saturday, team was required to prepare 5 components for the competition. The competition components are as follows:

1- Research Essay: Students do a wide research on a predetermined concept and write an essay. This year’s theme was to choose two foods (one vegetable and one protein) and design a way to grow enough of each within the future city borders to feed all of the citizens for at least one growing season. Taking into account your city’s size and location, students must consider the critical elements needed to grow food including light, climate, air quality, space, water, soil, and nutrients. Our team developed a futuristic farming method called SEAS (Smart Efficient Aquaponics System). Aquaponics is a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

Below is a paragraph from our research essay describing what the SEAS is and how it works.

‘‘The initial SEAS design consisted of a large steel cylindrical structure containing an aquaponics farm inside. To this, numerous large fish tanks were added as well as trays where watercress is produced. The SEAS is extremely efficient. All required energy is produced by a solar panel on top. Sensors collect data such as temperature, humidity, light levels and carbon dioxide levels which can be monitored remotely. The collected data is evaluated by SEAS software and can be sent to remote devices. Automatic shades control the amount of light entering the structure to regulate temperatures depending on the weather and time of day. Insulation can also be deployed to protect the fish and crops during winter months.’’

2- Virtual City: Students use SimCity software to design a city that progresses into the future.

3 – City Narrative: Students write a narrative (maximum 500 words) describing their future city’s key features and design attributes. The purpose of the City Narrative is to give the judges a quick overview of the future city’s infrastructure and its public services.

4- 3D Model: Students build a physical model of a section of their city using recycled materials that has at least one moving part. The model does not need to be an exact building-by-building duplication of the virtual design. Rather, the purpose of the model is to give a three-dimensional, creative representation of an area that best represents the team’s vision of their future city.

5- Presentation: Students give a 7 minute presentation discussing features of their future city followed by a 5 – 8 minute question and answer period from the judges (overall time will not exceed 15 minutes). Be sure to check with your Regional Coordinator for exact competition times.

All future city students worked cooperatively for months focusing on different components of the competition. They worked at cabin camps, stayed for after school meetings and participated home tutoring sessions. All of their effort paid off! They won “Team of the Year Award” , “Most Innovative Construction Techniques Award”, “Accessible City” and “Excellence in the use of Building Materials Award”.

Congratulations to all team members!!!

Amisha Darji

Luke Westerfield

Kian Najaf

Shourya Jasti

Sparsh Kudrimoti

Akash Bhatt

Rithvik Konda

Ananya Pottabhathini

Mr. Tuzen and Mr. Kurt


Terry Porter, Environmental Educator for the City of Alpharetta, visited our 6th grade Earth Science class this past Friday, January 23rd. Mrs. Porter brought in the Water Treatment Interactive Model. Mrs. Porter led students through a variety of hands-on experiments to better understand the stages of cleaning water for human use. Students joined to the activity and did the steps all together. It was fun to see the water color changes from brown to clear! Thank you Mrs. Porter

fsa 6th grade earth science2 fsa 6th grade earth science3 fsa 6th grade earth science


fsa anime club lock in

On Friday January 16th the FSAPS Anime Club had a Lock-In as an opportunity for students to collaborate with others who are fans of the Anime art form and interested in both traditional and pop Japanese culture. The Lock-In began at 4:30 pm with attendees perusing a menu to order Hibachi dinners and contribute thoughts on our sushi selections. Students then engaged in playing card and board games, created geisha bookmarks using origami paper, learned some simple brushstroke techniques to create their own bamboo paintings, and enjoyed a delicious dinner. We may have watched a little Anime as well J The almost all night long event (students took a break in the wee hours of the morning to grab a quick nap) concluded with a breakfast of eggs, fruit, doughnut holes, and Ramen noodles (yes, Ramen).

A big thank you to Mr. Tuzen and Mrs. Unal for helping this event run so smoothly.


fsa 100th day celebration

Our Kindergarten students had such a great time celebrating our 100th Day of School this past Thursday, January 22nd. We started the day by sharing the 100th Day Poster Creations. We are so impressed with all of our 100th Day Poster Projects. Kindergarten students were SO creative and we can tell that they worked extremely hard. We enjoyed sharing each project and they are now displayed in the hallway for all of FSAPS to see! Our celebration continued with creating our 100th Day punch (with 100 cherries!), and our 100 pieces of paper challenge between two teams. After lunch, students rotated to eight different centers to celebrate the 100th Day. Students were able to create a necklace with 100 beads counting by tens, each student saw and wrote about themselves as old men and old women with the help of technology, they created a picture using the number 1-0-0 and wrote about their creation, they made a commemorative magnet to show they are 100 days smarter, students participated in a 100 cup building challenge, students competed against each other in a ‘zero eating’ donut contest, each class wrote 100 words together, and everyone enjoyed a snack called “Derdnuh” which included 100 pieces of snack. We ended the day by counting back from 100 and enjoying silly string on the playground! Students left with a 100 balloon and a giant smile on their face! It was such a fun day.

A big thank you to all of our parent volunteers and parents who donated items to help make this a special day! The teachers in Kindergarten appreciate you 🙂


fsa destination imagination

It’s finally official! FSA has proudly chartered International Thespian Society Troupe #879769

Please join the Thespians in the cafeteria this Friday after school for the first annual Thespian induction ceremony recognizing those students who have demonstrated commitment to excellence in the theatre arts.

Several of our Thespians will be attending the Junior Thespian Festival in Nashville, TN March 19th-21st, please wish them luck on their individual performances!

Our Destination Imagination team Golden Armour has been working hard on the D.I. Feary Tale Challenge. Please wish them luck as they present their challenge at the Regional Showcase February 21st and the Affiliate Tournament on March 28th!

The Thespian Society will form two teams to take on the D.I. Improv Challenge, so please wish them luck as well!

We will have a joint Thespian Society and Destination Imagination lock-in Friday, February 6th for all teams to have some extra time to work together on their respective challenges.

The Thespian Society will be attending the Family Improv Comedy by The Basement Theatre on Friday, January 30th at 8pm. If you would like to join us, please email Mrs. Millar by end of day Wednesday – if you would like to carpool, please meet at FSA by 7pm.


fsa instruments of the world club

So far this school year, our Instruments of the World students have learned about different places of the world and how their music and instruments represent a variety of elements in their culture. We have learned how people go to great lengths to connect with others through music whether cultural differences, religious beliefs, borders or physical boundaries. We have learned that those in countries not as rich as ours, make their own instruments out of recycled goods/garbage and play in an orchestra! We have composed and arranged our own music within different boundaries/guidelines decided upon as a team. Our favorite thing to do is learn new rhythms and beats with different percussion equipment trying to recreate those in the different areas of the world. Below you can see our latest project, creating working musical instruments made from recycled materials from our school.


fsa psaps soccer tournament

Tournament`s Rules:

· Games will begin at 4:30pm. Semi-finals and Finals will begin at 3:30pm.

· Each half will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes break.

· Each team will have 5 students in game and 1 substitute.

· Aggressive game will not be tolerated and the opposing team will receive a free.

· For yellow card, player will have 2 minutes time out.

· For red card, player will miss next game.

· Each team should include at least 2 elementary students.

· No corner kick

· If soccer ball goes out over the end line, regardless of who it is out on, the side goal keeper gets to start with the ball.

· A kickoff from the center mark starts play at the beginning of each half and after every goal. A player who starts play may not play the ball again until another plays the ball.

· Winning team move on to the next game; a tie will be won in a 5 minutes “sudden-death” overtime period.

· Each player must wear shin guards and indoor footwear.


· 1st Place Team: $120 Gift Card ($20 per student)

· 2nd Place Team: $90 Gift Card ($15 per student)

· 3rd Place Team: $60 Gift Card ($10 per student)