fsa spelling bee

FSAPS students recently competed in two different school-wide bees, the spelling bee and the National Geographic Bee. The spelling bee took place on Thursday, January 15th with the geography bee following the next day.

In the spelling bee, two winners were taken from each language arts class to compete in the school bee. These students represented all classes in 4th through 8th grades. After a marathon bee, three finalists remained and eventually a winner emerged, 6th grader Arul Selvakumar. Arul will represent FSAPS in the local spelling bee next month.

After the excitement of the spelling bee students had to regroup and switch subjects to participate in the 12th annual school geography bee. In a contest that lasted through several rounds, two finalists faced off. Amazingly, Arul, the winner of the school spelling bee the day before, came out on top once again! Arul will complete a qualifying exam for the opportunity to represent FSAPS at the state National Geographic Bee on March 27th.

This is the third year in a row that a student has won both the spelling and geography bee. Arul was able to unseat the reigning champion who had won both in the two previous years.

Spelling Bee winners:

1st Place: Arul Selvakumar (6th grade)

2nd Place; Sanjeev Uppaluri (7th grade)

3rd Place: Fatima Safdar (5th grade)

National Geographic Bee winners:

1st Place: Arul Selvakumar (6th grade)

2nd Place: Neel Bhatt (4th grade)

3rd Place: Nishad Kute (7th grade)

Congratulations to all of the students that competed in the class and school bees this year.

Above is a picture of 6th grader, Arul Selvakumar.

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