fsa cyber safety presentation

We were happy to have Detective Laurie Nicholson and officer Allen from the Alpharetta Police Department talk with our 4ththrough 8th graders about cyber safety. Your child’s safety, of course, is a major concern of ours. Please take the time to talk with your child about what they learned.

Some things that we should remember:

· Be careful who you are “friends” with online. Unless you personally know the person you are communicating with online, you don’t know for certain who they are.

· Be careful what you put on the internet, you can never get it back. Don’t share any personal information online or inappropriate pictures.

· Always show and tell your parents or an adult if inappropriate words or pictures are sent to you.

We are always looking for ways to improve the safety at FSA, including our technology and internet usage. Each of our middle school students has been issued a school iPad. We plan to begin random checks on the iPads. We will be looking for anything inappropriate on the iPad itself and in the history of internet usage.

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