Fulton science academy private school science olympiad goes to national

The Fulton Science Academy Private School Science Olympiad Team placed second in the State Tournament held at Lambert High School on Saturday, March 21. Their second place finish qualifies them to compete at the National Tournament to be held on May 16 at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. FSAPS students placed first in nine of the 23 Science Olympiad events. “All told, we medaled in 17 events,” said head coach Pam Walsh. “At Regionals, we beat Dodgen Middle School by 8 points and today, Dodgen beat us by 8 points. It just shows how evenly matched these two team are. We’ll work hard to prepare for Nationals and will hopefully represent the state well. We’re honored and excited to attend such a prestigious competition.”

Individual awards were earned by the following students:

Bio Process Lab – coached by Mrs. Uppaluri
1st Place – Araneesh Pratap & Elaine Wen

Bottle Rockets – coached by Mr. Seker
1st Place – Sarah Lucas & Andre Hamelberg

Bridges – coached by Mr. Seker
3rd Place – Faith Lucas & Sophie Richardson

Can’t Judge a Powder – coached by Ms. Lang
3rd Place – Soleil Moffitt & Sarah Lucas

Crave the Wave – coached by Mr. Wang
1st Place – Simon Wang & Brian Shoffeitt

Disease Detectives – coached by Mrs. Bhatt & Ms. Chirumamilla
3rd Place – Brian Shoffeitt & Akash Bhatt

Elastic Launch Glider – coached by Mrs. Walsh
3rd Place – Karuna Kumar & Sophie Richardson

Entomology – coached by Mrs. Butler
1st Place – Faith Lucas & Elaine Wen

Experimental Design – coached by Mrs. Stathos
1st Place – Simon Wang, Mira Mutnick, & Ananya Terala

Fossils – coached by Ms. Beres
1st Place – Araneesh Pratap & Faith Lucas

Green Generation – coached by Ms. Larson
2nd Place – Faith Lucas & Elaine Wen

Meteorology – coached by Mrs. Walsh
1st Place – Araneesh Pratap & Ananya Terala

Picture This – coached by Ms. Fichter
3rd Place – Elaine Wen, Sarah Lucas, & Sanjeev Uppaluri

Road Scholar – coached by Mrs. Stathos
1st Place – Mira Mutnick & Karuna Kumar

Simple Machines – coached by Ms. Duzyol
1st Place – Araneesh Pratap & Brian Shoffeitt

Solar System – coached by Mrs. Walsh
2nd Place –Araneesh Pratap & Brian Shoffeitt

Write It, Do It – coached by Mrs. Stathos
4th Place – Mira Mutnick & Karuna Kumar


Fulton science academy private school web challenge

We are pleased to announce that, FSAPS Web Challenge Team, NYAN, competing for the 2015 TAG-Ed, Atlanta Science Festival and How Stuff Works Middle School WEBChallenge Competition, has been chosen as one of the top four finalist this year.

Congratulations to Elaine WEN, Shreya REKAPALLI, Elena JUAREZ for their success! Team NYAN, family and friends are invited to the Atlanta Science Festival Exploration Expo on Saturday, March 28th in Centennial Olympic Park where the grand prize will be announced through third place winners on stage. We wish them good luck!

Please click here to see our student’s website.

We also have two honorable mention from our teams The Ultimate Trinity and Spoon Wolves.

The Ultimate Trinity – Andrew SCHNEIDER, Charlie FURNISS, Prajwal VEDULA

Spoon Wolves – Ananya TERALA, Chloe RICHARDSON, Gwyn O’SULLIVAN

Teams receiving honorable mention will have their content featured on a site hosted by our 2015 partner,HowStuffWorks.com. The content will be hosted for one year and will be linked to from the HowStuffWorks homepage which receives over 30 million visits every month! ”

Please see the link here: http://howstuffwillwork.tumblr.com


Fulton science academy private school  social studies fair

The FSAPS Social Studies Department would like to congratulate several students for their strong showing at the West Metro Regional Social Studies Fair on Saturday, March 14th. Students from neighboring counties converged on Lake Ridge Elementary School in Clayton County to compete in the fair. FSAPS sent 3 projects representing various social science disciplines and were well-rewarded for their hard work.

Each of our three students received a ribbon for their projects at the fair:
6th grader Arul Selvakumar received a second place ribbon for his project, “What is the Threat of Trash Vortex from Oceanic Gyres to Humanity?”

Isabella Sims, a fellow 6th grader, received third place for her project, “America’s Horse: Identifying Reasons for the Recent Increase in ‘Unwanted’ Horses in the U.S.”
Sarah Ahmed, an 8th grader, also placed third with her project, “How Do Immigrants Affect the U.S. Economy?”

Thank you to all of the students and their teachers for making this year’s FSAPS Social Studies Fair a success. A lot of hard work went into these projects, and although only a few could progress to this level, we felt there were many deserving of the honor. We are very proud of all of our students that participated in the fair this year and are excited by this success at the regional level.

Fulton science academy private school  social studies fair4 Fulton science academy private school  social studies fair2 Fulton science academy private school  social studies fair3


Fulton science academy private school chess teams

Congratulations to FSA Chess Team students for their recent achievements at the state Level. Our middle school team won 4th place and elementary team won 9th place at the state.

Katherine Li
Charlie Furniss
Vishal Balyan
Arul Selvakumar
Vishal Ram

Pranav Devalapalli
Kai Robertson
Arnav Somaraju
Niyomi Shah
Bhavin Shah

Congratulations to these students, their parents and our coaches.. Way to go!

Fulton science academy private school chess teams2




Fulton science academy private school balloon rocket races

Newton’s Law of Action and Reaction states that when an object is pushed, it pushes back. Kindergarten students learned this firsthand by using a balloon, a straw, and a piece of string! The walls of the balloon push the air out as it opens. Likewise, when the balloon pushes against the air, the air pushes back. As a result the balloon travels along the string that it is attached to. Not only did this experiment demonstrate cause and effect, action and reaction, and involve gas (the state of matter we are currently studying)- it was tons of fun. Even our youngest students thrive on competition!


Fulton science academy private school musicial field trip


On Friday, March 20th the Kindergarten – 5th Grade students traveled to the Alliance Theatre in downtown Atlanta to see James and the Giant Peach – The Musical. This was a fun musical based on the book written by Raold Dahl. It showed the story of a young English orphan beginning to image a bright future. He went on a journey in a larger-than-life enchanted peach. His companions were a zany bunch of insects brought to life by nimble actors. Out FSAPS students enjoyed the fun songs and silly characters during the performance. Our students were very well behaved and showed great theatre etiquette during the performance. It was a fun day for the FSAPS Elementary students!


Fulton science academy private school brain awareness presentation

1st and 2nd graders had a blast at the Brain Awareness presentation last week! Dr. Arielle Valdez began the presentation with a lesson about our five senses! She explained the process in which our brain reacts when our senses are activated. The students were instructed through a few experiments to test these sensory reactions in our brains. After our discussion, the students were allowed to touch and observe a REAL brain! This was an unforgettable experience!

Fulton science academy private school brain awareness presentation2 Fulton science academy private school brain awareness presentation3 Fulton science academy private school brain awareness presentation4


Fulton science academy private school soccer tournament


Over that last couple of months students competed in a school wide indoor soccer tournament. The tournament was split into two divisions. One division was for the younger students (first-third grade) and the other was for the older students (fourth-eighth grade.)

Students had a great time competing for a cash prize. First place students received $20.00, second place received $15.00, and third place received $10.00. Students had to rally through 30 minutes of intense competition to advance to the next round.

1st Place – The Fighting Phoenix – Ameiya Pednecker, Akash and Neel Bhatt, Andre Hamelberg, Charlie Furniss, and Edgar Robitaille.

2nd Place – The Shadow Crawlers – Tesneem Sherif, Sarah Ahmed, Chandler Davis, Spiros Kefalas, Shreya Rekapalli, and Ethan Moore

3rd Palce – Jamaican Heat – Amrita Kaur, Ethan and Austin Gardner, Nihal Singh, Vishal Balyan, and Muhammed Korucu


Fulton science academy private school soccer tournament2


1st Place – Manchester United – Karthik Kuppuswamy, Greg Bates III, Kai Robertson, Advit Anand, Bhavin Shah, and Shreyan Ghelani.

2nd Place – The Hurricanes – Kaya Eleren, Kerim Sener, Kemal Teber, Bati Uygunca, Chase Gonzalez, and Joshua Abbey.

3rd Place – Soccer Champions – Ahad Sayani, London Greene-Richards, Krish Patel, Langston Laifang, Eshaan Bidarakoppa, and Atila Uygunca.

Students had a great time working together as a team, learning sportsmanship, and having friendly competition.


Fulton science academy private school creative writing club


Ms. Ramsey’s Creative Writing club has been loving their poetry study! The students started the unit by writing an Autobiographical Poem. These poems are posted outside Ms. Ramsey’s classroom, so come take a sneak peak into what your child wrote about themselves! Additionally in our poetry unit, the students have written Cinquains and Haikus. Tomorrow we will be learn about Limericks. After the poetry unit, the students will transition into writing Mysteries. Here are some websites to help your child get creative in their writing!

  1. http://www.kathimitchell.com/poemtypes.html
  2. http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/story-starters/
  3. http://journalbuddies.com/creative-writing-2/creative-writing-prompts-fabulous-ideas/
  4. http://www.uniqueteachingresources.com/creative-writing-prompts.html


Fulton science academy private school cmp speaker


Mike Riley, partner and vice president of Martin Riley Associates, spoke to our students during our College Mentorship Program. He shared his expertise in architecture and some of the many buildings he has helped develop. Mr. Riley received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology and since then he has primarily coordinated multi-family and commercial projects. The students enjoyed learning more about what it takes to be a successful architect.