book charaacters

Bring in gently used books from now till March 31st and put them in the bins in the front office. We are requesting books for adults and children such as; children’s books, juvenile fiction, adult fiction, historical fiction, self-help, business books, cookbooks, etc. The winners will receive a frozen treat as their reward.

Anyone bringing in two or more books can participate in a literary character dress up day on Thursday March 26th.

Please make sure that your book character costume is approved by your Language Arts teacher.

Books will be used to stock our library shelves or used to trade in for more books through our partner Read-It-Again.

Spirit Night – Join us at Read-It-Again on Friday March 27th 4-8pm.
Shop a huge selection of new and used books and unique gifts. Proceeds will be used by FSAPS to purchase additional books for the school!

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