destination imagination

Our DI teams need your help to send us to Global Finals in Knoxville, TN!
Beginning on Monday, we will begin the following fundraiser sales before school and during lunch:

Raffle Tickets!
Win a big basket full of goodies – winners will be drawn on Friday, May 1st
(one for Elementary, one for Middle)

Duct Tape Mr. Sener!
Add strips of duct tape to stick Mr. Sener to the wall the morning of STEAM day!
(discounted prices for signing up early!)
PRINCIPAL SENER’S NOTE: Why on the earth people would come up with such crazy ideas! Oh well, I accepted it since students advanced to Global Competition. But I can’t keep myself and wonder what happened to the noble idea of actually having a big delicious cake on the face. Are those good days gone long time ago? Maybe a cake after the tape and we call it Double Strike. Just thinking…. 🙂

Soak Mrs. Campbell with a Water Gun!
Firing squad style – during the Last Blast Carnival!
(discounted prices for signing up early!)

Spatter Paint Extravaganza!
Put on old clothes and spatter paint to your heart’s content during the Last Blast Carnival!
(Sign up NOW and purchase a canvas and/or a commemorative T-shirt)
Flyers and T-shirt image are attached.

Thanks! 🙂

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