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Music and Drumming (3rd – 5th Grades)
During this semester Music & Drumming we have learned how people go to great lengths to connect with others through music whether cultural differences, religious beliefs, borders or physical boundaries. We have learned that those in countries not as rich as ours, make their own instruments out of recycled goods/garbage and play in an orchestra! We have composed and arranged our own music within different boundaries/guidelines decided upon as a team. We are also working on our OWN composition for a potential performance in the spring talent show!
Music and Movement (1&2 Grade)

“Feel the beat in your feet!” During this year in Music and Movement, students have enjoyed learning new dance steps from a variety of different styles of music. We are learning how to differentiate a variety of sounds we hear with respect to instruments and their respective families, musical genres with how they make us feel, and important musical figures. We LOVED our jazz unit back in February and always earn time at the end, to dance like “Mr. Bonjangles.” We have overall sharpened our skills with note reading, working as a team and creating rhythms/music both with our bodies, and different instruments.



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