As you might already know, a group of FSAPS teachers were taking gifted endorsement classes from Metro RESA for the last two years. The classes were every other Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm. We truly enjoyed and benefited from this gifted endorsement class and will always treasure the time we spent with our amazing professor, Dr. Gollmar. Dr. Gollmar has years of experience in gifted education and she designed the class in most beneficial way for our teachers. With the competition of this gifted endorsement our teachers have the knowledge and the tools to better serve the big gifted population we have at FSAPS. It certainly takes us to the next level. FSAPS teachers thanked Dr. Gollmar with a party organized for her honor during last class this April. THANK YOU Dr. Gollmar!

We plan to start another gifted endorsement cohort for the new teachers next year.

fulton science academy private school gifted endorsemenet


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