fulton science academy private school parent board election

Dear Parents,

Please review the 4/27 email update from the PVO Board regarding open 2015 / 2016 Board and Committee positions.

If you are interested in filling a role, please write a very brief paragraph about yourself, your background, why you would like to be on the board or chair a particular committee, and if there was a particular role that you would like to assume (Treasurer, Student Services, Membership, 8th grade Graduation,) etc. Several sentences will be fine (or more for those who feel inspired!) Send that information to Kate Webster ( who will forward that information on to other Board Members who will determine a best fit given given the mix of candidates and their interests/skills, etc.

The PVO Community Meeting will be on 5/12/2015 at 3:45pm in the Cafeteria. We will review the proposed slate and vote in the Board at the time.

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