fulton science academy private school leaf and tree study walk

On Saturday, 2nd May, Elementary Science Olympians studying Leaf and Tree Finders went on a Tree Identification Nature Walk. Kavitha Kuppusamy, Lakshya Jasti, Raaga Ajay and Niyomi Shah spent two hours on Big Creek Greenways with their coach Ms. Doraiswami. They identified and saw the leaves, bark, fruit, seed balls etc. of many trees from their list of 20+ trees including Black Tupelo, Loblolly Pine, American Sweetgum, American Sycamore, Yellow Poplar, River Birch and Red Maple. They ran short races with Avinash on the boardwalk, drank water, took notes, had cookies, saw a green snake whip hrough the water into swamp grass, saw a duck, drake and ducklings swim in the water, saw some bracket fungi and had a lot of fun! Each student had a parent accompany them on the walk and they served as backpack carriers, water bearers and pullers of tall branches!
Leaf and Tree Finders are preparing hard for their State Tournament on May 16th and this Nature Walk helped them get a hands on work for their event. Thank you for putting this together Ms. Przedpelski & Ms. Minor!

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