Three Fulton Science Academy Robotics Teams Advanced to State Finals!

For the first time in our school’s history, three of our robotics teams advanced to State competition during the same year.

On January 16 team Syntax Error #5262, Glitchware.exe #7295 and Techno Tigers #7298 competed at Kell Robotics Super Regional.

Team # 5262 Syntax Error won 2nd place Champions Award.

At the Super-regional competition our three teams, Optimus Primates #7300, Syntax Error #5262 and Glitchware.exe #7295, advanced to the FLL State Championship.

Optimus primates includes the following students: Faris Unal, Sadat Akgun, Taha Tas, Jacob Grigsby, Sameer Cheema, Cecil Teber, Abhi Gutta, and Suat Kilic.

Syntax Error includes the following students:Nicole Sharati, Prajwal Vedula, Callum O’Sullivan, Nadine Haddad, Addie Hobbs, Sophie Chan and Bryndi MacDonald.

Glitch ware.exe includes the following students: Andrew Schneider, Edgar Robitaille, Aaron Weinberg Claire Bowman, Daniel Romero, Rithvik Konda, and Manasvi Gaddam.

Congratulations to these wonderful group of students, their parents, and the coaches Mr. Kaya and Mr. Yavuz. Good luck at the State finals in Georgia Tech this weekend!

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