GREAT NEWS: Math Team Won 1st Place as a Team at the Varsity Level

Our legendary Math Team continues to win 1st place in different Math Tournaments. Today, eight of our students form our Math Olympiad Team competed at 2016 Woodstock High School Math Tournament and they won1st place as team at the varsity level.Each member of our team showed a spectacular performance during the competition. Our middle school students competed against 10th graders and won 1st place as a team! Isn’t that amazing?
Congratulations to Holden Watson, Charlie Furniss, Vishaal Ram, Tyler Hecht, Andre Hamelberg, Sparsh Kudrimoti, Mario Machado, and George Wen for their achievement as a team.

FSAPS Mathletes also won the following individual placements in JV level:
Holden Watson – 1st place
Charlie Furniss – 3rd place
Vishaal Ram – 6th place
Tyler Hecht – 11th place
Andre Hamelberg – 13th place
Way to go!

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The FSAPS Social Studies Department held its 13th annual school-wide National Geographic Geography Bee on Wednesday, January 27th. We had a number of qualifiers for the Bee representing students in the 4th through 8th grades, which moved through several preliminary rounds before settling on our finalists.

The championship round was the most heated, taking five rounds before 7th grader Arul Selvakumar eventually prevailed over the other competitors.

Arul cruised through the preliminary and championship rounds faced off against 6th grader Nishanth Arumugam in the final round. In the finals, Arul kept up his momentum by answering each of his questions correct missing none throughout the entire competition from the class bee through to his eventual championship-winning answer.

Arul will complete a qualifying test for the chance to represent FSAPS in the state Geography Bee this April and potentially to the national championship in Washington DC in May.

Thanks again to all of our competitors and good luck to Arul!

1st Place: 7th grader Arul Selvakumar

2nd Place: 6th grader Nishanth Arumugam

3rd Place: 8th grader Nishad Kute

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Our school hosted the Private School and Homeschool Regional Tech Fair on Sunday. 75 students competed with some very exciting projects. The judges found the entries to be of a high standard this year.

All first place winners will be moving on to the State Final in Macon on March 5th.

Here is the list of FSA 1st place winners:

Game Design (3 and 4th grades) – Suha Syed and Ipsita Bahattacharya

Game Design (7,8) – Sedat Akgun, Taha Tas

3D Modeling (5,6) – Sarayu Reddy

3D modeling (7,8) – Burak Uduk

Programming (5,6) – Rohan Movva

Programming (7,8 ) – Rishan and Shivan Patel

Device Modification (7,8) – Kian Najaf

Device Modification (5,6) – Edgar Robitaille

Robotics (7,8) – Shivani Naraharishetty

Audio Production(7,8) – Samuel Weinberg

Animation (3,4) – Isra Hussain, Aanchal Prasad

Animation(7,8) – Nishad Kute

Digital Photo Production (7,8) – Shreya Puvvula, Shivani Naraharishetty

Video Production (7,8) – James Stevens

Internet Applications (7,8) – Arul Selvakumar

Mobile Apps (5-6) – Ansh Jain

Mobile Apps(7,8) – Prajwal Vedula

Multimedia Applications (5,6) – Nuriye Agu, Nikki Zekavati

Technology Literacy Challenge (7,8) – Prajwal Vedula

Thank you to all entrants for bringing your wonderful projects and enthusiasm.

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