We are proud to announce the winners of the 7th annual FSAPS school social studies fair which was held last week. The projects on display were selected from each social studies class and showed a wide range of subjects across the different social science disciplines.

Of those projects that made it to the school fair, a small number have been selected to represent FSAPS at the West Metro Regional Social Studies Fair this March:

All The Pretty Horses: The Truth About America’s Wild Horses
Isabella Sims (7th grade)

How Does Being Bullied As an Adolescent Affect People As Adults?
James Stevens (7th grade)

How Do Land Mass and Other Factors Affect GDP, and Vice Versa?
Giles Sukkert (7th grade)

Which Countries Are the Leaders In Food Sustainability?
Luke Westerfield (7th grade)

What is the Impact of the Film and Television Industry on Georgia’s Economy?
Sophie Richardson (8th grade)

How Has the Syrian Refugee Crisis Impacted Europe’s Economy?
Ananya Pottabhathini and Prajwal Vedula (8th grade)

On behalf of Ms. Pruett, and Mr. Stiffler, thank you to all of our students that worked hard all semester to participate in the Social Studies Fair. Congratulations to all of our students and best of luck to those that will participate in the regional fair!

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