College Mentorship Program Lesson in Bullying

Ms. Larson’s 7th grade CMP (College Mentorship Program) group has been completing lessons on bullying. By identifying different kinds of bullying, students can more readily recognize and report mistreatment of themselves and others. Students have learned to empathize with those being bullied and to avoid bullying or cope with it if it happens to them. They have also learned what bystanders can do to discourage bullying and support peers who are targets. The students are concluding the lesson by creating a poster reinforcing the theme “You’re Not Alone” as part of the anti-bullying campaign.
Additionally, the CMP group has begun a series of thought-provoking leadership activities. These lessons will equip, empower, and inspire students to discover their passion and make an impact in a changing world. Below is a photograph of the students engaged in a leadership skit that they created.

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