Why do students and teachers love FSAPS? We love it because you feel like you’re a part of something wonderful. Learning isn’t just something that takes place from 8 am until 4:20 pm. Learning happens on our campus every night, every weekend, and it’s an amazing feeling to be a part of it. You get to be here with the kids when they make new discoveries and build life-long friendships. On any given Friday night there are parents, teachers, and students of all ages inhabiting every part of the building.

This past Friday night the Drama Club was practicing for their upcoming performance, The Giver while FSAPS Moms and Female Teachers immersed themselves in Asian Culture by attending East Asian Mother’s Night in the Cafeteria. Students were playing soccer games with friends in the gym and almost all of the Academic Teams were out in full force- Destination Imagination, Science Olympiad, and the Robotics Team. Check out below for a few photos from all the fun this past Friday Night (February 5th)- and plan to stop by one Friday evening to join in the fun!

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Students involved in Elementary Destination Imagination are working hard completing their Central Challenges for the GA Regional Showcase that will be held here at FSAPS.

Two of our teams are working on the structural challenge, Musical Mashup. This involves designing and building a structure that supports weight and is a musical instrument. They must play a musical solo and tell a story with at least one musical character. All ideas and work must be done by team members only.

Four of our teams are working on the technical challenge, Pace of Change. These teams must design and build a vehicle able to carry at least one team member across the presentation area, multiple times. They must also change the vehicle propulsion system and the vehicle movement method during the presentation, as well as present a story about change. All ideas and work must be done by team members only.

Thank you to all of the parents, of our team members, who have stepped forward to help the teams prepare. Without our wonderful parents, the teams would never be able to accomplish their challenges!

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There were over 1000 players at this event. Chess has many levels of competitive play, with tournament sections often designated by school grade. While a tournament for individual competition may have sections organized by grade or US Chess Federation (USCF, see www.uschess.orgfor more information) rating, school team tournaments are structured by grade level. Typical team sections are: K-1 (Kindergarten & 1st graders), K-3 (may overlap with K-1 and, if so, would primarily have 2nd& 3rd graders), K-5 (stronger younger players, primarily 4th & 5th graders), K-8 (middle school), and K-12 (high school).

So, how does a school create and develop a chess team, particularly a strong, competitive team? While there is no pat formula, here are suggestions for building and developing a successful, long-term program culled from schools known for their award-winning chess teams.
One of the best experiences a child can have at school is to be part of a strong, enthusiastic school team. The most successful school chess teams have consistent parent involvement over consecutive school years. The best way to improve in chess is to play often with different people at equivalent or greater skill levels than oneself. If you’re fortunate to live in an area with frequent scholastic chess tournaments, take advantage of the bounty and encourage your child to play at least one a month. Kids love to be with their schoolmates as they “take on” kids from rival schools in the community, and oftentimes friendships will develop between chess kids who otherwise would have never met. Coordinating parental supervision and carpool duty is very helpful, as tournaments often span a full day and some run longer.
It may be a cliché, but teaching kids that sometimes it’s not just winning, but how one plays the game, is important for both individual character and team development. Applaud the kids’ best efforts and positive attitudes, and they will learn to support their teammates and feel more appreciated and confident in their own playing abilities. It’s not easy to shake an opponent’s hand after a loss, but a game well played can be respected in its own right. From time to time, a child should be reminded by a parent or respected teacher or coach that it’s more important in life to be considered a good, decent person than just a successful player. Remind the kids when they’re feeling dejected that they’ll “live to fight another day” and that they can take pride in playing better and better with every match, as they learn to examine their mistakes and understand how to improve their game.

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GREAT NEWS: Math Team Won 1st Place as a Team at the Varsity Level

Our legendary Math Team continues to win 1st place in different Math Tournaments. Today, eight of our students form our Math Olympiad Team competed at 2016 Woodstock High School Math Tournament and they won1st place as team at the varsity level.Each member of our team showed a spectacular performance during the competition. Our middle school students competed against 10th graders and won 1st place as a team! Isn’t that amazing?
Congratulations to Holden Watson, Charlie Furniss, Vishaal Ram, Tyler Hecht, Andre Hamelberg, Sparsh Kudrimoti, Mario Machado, and George Wen for their achievement as a team.

FSAPS Mathletes also won the following individual placements in JV level:
Holden Watson – 1st place
Charlie Furniss – 3rd place
Vishaal Ram – 6th place
Tyler Hecht – 11th place
Andre Hamelberg – 13th place
Way to go!

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Our school hosted the Private School and Homeschool Regional Tech Fair on Sunday. 75 students competed with some very exciting projects. The judges found the entries to be of a high standard this year.

All first place winners will be moving on to the State Final in Macon on March 5th.

Here is the list of FSA 1st place winners:

Game Design (3 and 4th grades) – Suha Syed and Ipsita Bahattacharya

Game Design (7,8) – Sedat Akgun, Taha Tas

3D Modeling (5,6) – Sarayu Reddy

3D modeling (7,8) – Burak Uduk

Programming (5,6) – Rohan Movva

Programming (7,8 ) – Rishan and Shivan Patel

Device Modification (7,8) – Kian Najaf

Device Modification (5,6) – Edgar Robitaille

Robotics (7,8) – Shivani Naraharishetty

Audio Production(7,8) – Samuel Weinberg

Animation (3,4) – Isra Hussain, Aanchal Prasad

Animation(7,8) – Nishad Kute

Digital Photo Production (7,8) – Shreya Puvvula, Shivani Naraharishetty

Video Production (7,8) – James Stevens

Internet Applications (7,8) – Arul Selvakumar

Mobile Apps (5-6) – Ansh Jain

Mobile Apps(7,8) – Prajwal Vedula

Multimedia Applications (5,6) – Nuriye Agu, Nikki Zekavati

Technology Literacy Challenge (7,8) – Prajwal Vedula

Thank you to all entrants for bringing your wonderful projects and enthusiasm.

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Fulton Science Academy Future City Award

FSA Future City Team coached by Mr. Turan and Mr.Yavuz did a great job last weekend at Kennesaw State University. They received the 3rd place in Georgia among 40 teams. In addition, their project won the Best Fire Protection Engineering award sponsored by SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers ). Future City Team members are Amisha Darji, Nour Khalifa and Sameer Cheema. We congratulate these wonderful students for the great job!

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Three Fulton Science Academy Robotics Teams Advanced to State Finals!

For the first time in our school’s history, three of our robotics teams advanced to State competition during the same year.

On January 16 team Syntax Error #5262, Glitchware.exe #7295 and Techno Tigers #7298 competed at Kell Robotics Super Regional.

Team # 5262 Syntax Error won 2nd place Champions Award.

At the Super-regional competition our three teams, Optimus Primates #7300, Syntax Error #5262 and Glitchware.exe #7295, advanced to the FLL State Championship.

Optimus primates includes the following students: Faris Unal, Sadat Akgun, Taha Tas, Jacob Grigsby, Sameer Cheema, Cecil Teber, Abhi Gutta, and Suat Kilic.

Syntax Error includes the following students:Nicole Sharati, Prajwal Vedula, Callum O’Sullivan, Nadine Haddad, Addie Hobbs, Sophie Chan and Bryndi MacDonald.

Glitch ware.exe includes the following students: Andrew Schneider, Edgar Robitaille, Aaron Weinberg Claire Bowman, Daniel Romero, Rithvik Konda, and Manasvi Gaddam.

Congratulations to these wonderful group of students, their parents, and the coaches Mr. Kaya and Mr. Yavuz. Good luck at the State finals in Georgia Tech this weekend!

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fulton science academy private school turkish olympiad

Our Turkish Olympiad Speaking Contest Team had a wonderful time on their trip to Jacksonville! Students began the first morning with a taxi boat tour of Jacksonville. They have played with giant chess and checkers in the Park. The weather was so nice and breezy. We tagged each other in laser tag and Sebastian Palma got the championship. The lunch was just so delicious, Sparsh Kudrimoti has eaten the biggest burrito ever. After that we enjoyed spending some time at the Jacksonville Beach. The sand was just so pure and nice to step on it. We got tired but that was not the end, we attended an amazing family dinner. The electricity was gone for a while, but that time was the highlight of the day to sing and watch some videos via phones along with the candles, and conversation was just unforgettable! Our host has served such a spectacular meal.

fulton science academy private school turkish olympiad.jpg2 fulton science academy private school turkish olympiad.jpg4


The very next day we attended Turkish Olympiad Speaking Contest. Our students have done a great job again. Congratulations to our team for their spectacular performances. Vishal Raam got 1st place in Turkish Olympiad Beginner Speaking Contest, Sparsh Kudrimoti got 2nd place in Turkish Olympiad Intermediate Speaking Contest and the last but not the least Avinash Pratap got 3rd place in Turkish Olympiad Intermediate Speaking Contest. On Saturday, May 16th, these students will attend the Turkish Olympiad Finals in Jacksonville. Our students will receive their cash awards and trophies at the final.

Below is the the list of all students who won awards and qualified to perform at the finals:

Margarette Sutton

Carmen Tello

Bahriye Agu

Sedat Akgun

Vishal Raam

Sparsh Kudrimoti

Avinash Pratap

fulton science academy private school turkish olympiad.jpg6 fulton science academy private school turkish olympiad.jpg7


Fulton science academy private school 2015 GCTM MATH competition

Once again, FSA Math Team shined like a star @ the GCTM’s 15th Annual Middle School Math Competition on Saturday April 18th in Centerville, GA. Our team received 2nd place as a team out of 17 teams participated from all over GA. All FSA Math Team members placed among top 10 students and received an individual trophy as the recognition of their spectacular performance at this math competition. Individual placements are as follows:

Mira Mutnick – 3rd place
Charlie Furniss – 4th place
Karuna Kumar – 6th place
Katherine Li – 8th place

At the end of the competition, during Fright’ning Light’ning fun & challenging round members of each team answered oral relay questions at the stage. FSA Math team won 1st place as a team @ the Fright’ning Light’ning fun & challenging round among 17 school participated and won a big bag of candy!!

Congratulations to FSA Math Team!! Way to go!