Students involved in Elementary Destination Imagination are working hard completing their Central Challenges for the GA Regional Showcase that will be held here at FSAPS.

Two of our teams are working on the structural challenge, Musical Mashup. This involves designing and building a structure that supports weight and is a musical instrument. They must play a musical solo and tell a story with at least one musical character. All ideas and work must be done by team members only.

Four of our teams are working on the technical challenge, Pace of Change. These teams must design and build a vehicle able to carry at least one team member across the presentation area, multiple times. They must also change the vehicle propulsion system and the vehicle movement method during the presentation, as well as present a story about change. All ideas and work must be done by team members only.

Thank you to all of the parents, of our team members, who have stepped forward to help the teams prepare. Without our wonderful parents, the teams would never be able to accomplish their challenges!

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On Friday, April 24th the FSAPS Anime Club had a Lock-In as an opportunity for students to collaborate with others who are fans of the Anime art form and interested in both traditional and pop Japanese culture. The Lock-In began at 4:30 pm with attendees watching some classic Hayao Miyazaki films and finishing up sushi and hibachi dinner orders. As the night went on, we created marbled paper using the Japanese paper marbling art form Suminagashi, cooked our own blueberry bubble tea, and participated in a marshmallow chopstick race for prizes!J The almost all night long event (students took a break in the wee hours of the morning to grab a quick nap) concluded with a breakfast of cheesy eggs, fruit, doughnuts, and Ramen noodles (yes, Ramen).

A big thank you to Mr. Seker and Mrs. Unal for helping this event run so smoothly.

fulton science academy private school last anime club lock in fulton science academy private school last anime club lock in.jpg2 fulton science academy private school last anime club lock in.jpg3


Fulton science academy private school music club Fulton science academy private school music club.jpg2

Music and Drumming (3rd – 5th Grades)
During this semester Music & Drumming we have learned how people go to great lengths to connect with others through music whether cultural differences, religious beliefs, borders or physical boundaries. We have learned that those in countries not as rich as ours, make their own instruments out of recycled goods/garbage and play in an orchestra! We have composed and arranged our own music within different boundaries/guidelines decided upon as a team. We are also working on our OWN composition for a potential performance in the spring talent show!
Music and Movement (1&2 Grade)

“Feel the beat in your feet!” During this year in Music and Movement, students have enjoyed learning new dance steps from a variety of different styles of music. We are learning how to differentiate a variety of sounds we hear with respect to instruments and their respective families, musical genres with how they make us feel, and important musical figures. We LOVED our jazz unit back in February and always earn time at the end, to dance like “Mr. Bonjangles.” We have overall sharpened our skills with note reading, working as a team and creating rhythms/music both with our bodies, and different instruments.



Fulton science academy private school music club.jpg3 Fulton science academy private school music club.jpg4


Fulton science academy private school prekey hands on science club

Pre-K and kindergarten Hands-On Science loves animals! We have had such a blast this semester talking about everything from skunks to lions, from peregrine falcons to chameleons! This past week, in honor of Character Dress Up Day, we talked about one of Mrs. Whitlock’s favorite characters, the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and then looked at the life cycle of caterpillars as they grow into a butterfly.


Fulton science academy private school creative writing club


Ms. Ramsey’s Creative Writing club has been loving their poetry study! The students started the unit by writing an Autobiographical Poem. These poems are posted outside Ms. Ramsey’s classroom, so come take a sneak peak into what your child wrote about themselves! Additionally in our poetry unit, the students have written Cinquains and Haikus. Tomorrow we will be learn about Limericks. After the poetry unit, the students will transition into writing Mysteries. Here are some websites to help your child get creative in their writing!

  1. http://www.kathimitchell.com/poemtypes.html
  2. http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/story-starters/
  3. http://journalbuddies.com/creative-writing-2/creative-writing-prompts-fabulous-ideas/
  4. http://www.uniqueteachingresources.com/creative-writing-prompts.html

Elementary Science Olympiad Students Advance to State Competition!

Fulton Science Academy private school science olympiad

The hard work of the Elementary Science Olympiad students paid off this past Saturday, March 7th at the State Qualifying Competition. Our Elementary Science Olympiad students completed against 17 other teams and placed 2nd Overall as a team earning themselves a spot in the State Competition in May!! Head Coaches Ms. Minor and Ms. P could not be more proud of our ESO students and how well they represented FSAPS at the competition. A huge thank you goes out toall of our coaches for their hard work and dedication, and a giant CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students on the Elementary Science Olympiad team! A special shout out as well to the following students for their individual awards:

Bridge Building – 3rd Place: Celil Teber and Fatima Safdar coached by Mrs. Ayer
Disease Detectives – 6th Place: Kavitha Kuppaswamy and Siyona Patel coached by Mrs. Daley and Ms. Doraiswami
Don’t Bug Me – 2nd Place: Shreyan Ghelani and Amrita Kaur coached by Mrs. Ghelani
Elements Compounds Mixtures – 6th Place: Logan Kersey and Michael Rico coached by Mr. Kersey
Grasp a Graph – 5th Place: Damien Davis and Bhavin Shah coached by Ms. Minor
Leaf and Tree Finders – 3rd Place: Kavitha Kuppaswamy and Lakshya Jasti coached by Ms. Doraiswami
Mystery Architecture – 7th Place: Logan Kersey and Siddarth Yamujala coached by Ms. Ramsey
Paper Rockets – 4th Place: Anastasia Kefalas and Neel Bhatt coached by Mrs. Yamujala
Rock Hound – 2nd Place: Nick A. and Fatima Safdar coached by Ms. P
Simple Machines – 7th Place: Nick A. and Neel Bhatt coached by Mrs. Ayer
Starry Starry Night – 2nd Place: Siyona Patel and Lakshya Jasti coached by Mrs. Flowers
Straw Egg Drop – 8th Place: Celil Teber and Neel Bhatt coached by Ms. Ramsey
Which Way is North – 10th Place: Austin Gardner and Greyson Osekevage coached by Ms. Minor
Water Rockets – 1st Place: Austin Gardner and Greyson Osekavage coached by Mr. Kurt

Way to go ESO students and coaches… we are so proud of you and we wish you the best of luck at State in May!

Fulton Science Academy private school elementary science olympiad3

Fulton Science Academy private school elementary science olympiad2

Fulton Science Academy private school elementary science olympiad

Fulton Science Academy Science Olympiad Team Best at Regionals!

Fulton Science Academy science olympiad

It was a sweet victory for the Fulton Science Academy Private School Science Olympiad Team as they won first place in the Regional Tournament held on Valentine’s Day at the University of North Georgia Gainesville Campus. Competition at the tournament was tough as FSAPS was up against perennial rival Dodgen Middle School. “Our students always enjoy competing against Dodgen,” said Head Coach Pam Walsh. “They are such a strong team and our students know they’ve got to be at their best.” The awards ceremony was intense as the lead switch from FSAPS to Dodgen several times, but in the end, FSAPS won by 8 points.

Fulton Science Academy science olympiad2

The top five schools from the tournament will advance to the State Science Olympiad Tournament in March, so FSAPS will be up against Dodgen once again. “We’ve got our work cut out for us to prepare for the State Tournament,” said Walsh. “We know Dodgen and the other teams will be working hard and the competition will only get tougher.” The team’s goal is to qualify for the National Science Olympiad Tournament to be held at the University of Nebraska. Only the top two teams in Georgia will advance.

Fulton Science Academy science olympiad3

Individual awards were earned by the following students:

Air Trajectorycoached by Ms. Tang

1st Place – Simon Wang and Akash Bhatt

Anatomycoached by Ms Doraiswami

4th Place –Araneesh Pratap and Sanjeev Uppaluri

Bio Process Labcoached by Mrs. Uppaluri

2nd Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Elaine Wen

Bottle Rocketscoached by Mr. Seker

1st Place – Maryam Unal and Saad Maan

2nd Place – Sarah Lucas and Ananya Terala

Bridgescoached by Mr. Seker

3rd Place – Faith Lucas and Elaine Wen

4th Place – Ethan Gardner and Pranav Madadi

Can’t Judge a Powdercoached by Ms. Lang

3rd Place – Hasan Unal and Sarah Lucas

Crave the Wavecoached by Mr. Wang

2nd Place – Simon Wang and Brian Shoffeitt

Crime Busterscoached by Ms. Lang

2nd Place – Sarah Lucas and Hasan Unal

4th Place – Maryam Unal and Soleil Moffitt

Disease Detectivescoached by Mrs. Bhatt and Ms. Chirumamilla

1st Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Akash Bhatt

Dynamic Planetcoached by Mrs. Walsh

1st Place – Mira Mutnick and Sanjeev Uppaluri

3rd Place – Christina Wang and Sophie Richardson

Elastic Launch Glidercoached by Mrs. Walsh

4th Place – Shreya Puvvula and Shivani Naraharishetty

Entomologycoached by Mrs. Butler

3rd Place – Soleil Moffitt and Will Mutsch

Experimental Designcoached by Mrs. Stathos

2nd Place – Simon Wang, Mira Mutnick, and Ananya Terala

3rd Place – Sophie Richardson, Maryam Unal, and Shreya Puvvula

4th Place – Karen Pederson, Ameya Rekapalli, and Sruthi Chatrathi

Fossilscoached by Ms. Beres

2nd Place – Araneesh Pratap and Faith Lucas

4th Place – Callie Webster and Will Mutsch

Green Generationcoached by Ms. Larson

1st Place – Faith Lucas and Elaine Wen

2nd Place –Christina Wang and Sparsh Kudrimoti

Meteorologycoached by Mrs. Walsh

2nd Place – Araneesh Pratap and Ananya Terala

3rd Place – Neha Marupudi and Chance Crigler

Picture Thiscoached by Ms. Fichter

1st Place – Elaine Wen, Sarah Lucas, and Sanjeev Uppaluri

3rd Place – Christina Wang, Avinash Pratap, and Katherine Li

Road Scholarcoached by Mrs. Stathos

3rd Place – Mira Mutnick and Karuna Kumar

Robo-Crosscoached by Mr. Kaya

2nd Place – Mira Mutnick and Hasan Unal

4th Place – Sruthi Chatrathi and Destiny Abbey

Simple Machinescoached by Ms. Duzyol

1st Place – Karuna Kumar and Brian Shoffeitt

2nd Place – Vihan Karnala and Ethan Gardner

3rd Place – Katherine Li and Avinash Pratap

Solar Systemcoached by Mrs. Walsh

2nd Place –Araneesh Pratap and Andre Hamelberg

Wheeled Vehiclecoached by Mr. Seker

1st Place – Andre Hamelberg and Akash Bhatt

2nd Place – Saad Maan and Arul Selvakumar

Write It, Do It coached by Mrs. Stathos

1st Place – Mira Mutnick and Karuna Kumar

2nd Place – Katherine Li and Christina Wang

Fulton Science Academy science olympiad4 Fulton Science Academy science olympiad5