This semester Mrs. Houston’s Creative Writing Club is really trying to utilize and expand upon the skills second graders are learning in their homeroom writing class. Students are learning ways to improve writing compare/contrast compositions and friendly letters by reviewing organizational skills for pre-writing and how to evaluate a rough draft. Over the next few months, students will also be able to request certain writing topics for club time, as well as choose their own styles of writing during free-write.

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Fulton Science Academy Kindergarten Hands on Science

Hands on science by Mrs.Irshadullah is so much fun. Every week students do hands on activities and learn about science. Science is all around us everyday and the experiments promote learning and scientific awareness. The students have learned what happens when vinegar mixes with baking soda, how liquids have different densities, what happens when two primary colors mix. These are just to name a few. We can’t wait for more experiments to do in upcoming weeks. 

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Students involved in Elementary Destination Imagination are working hard completing their Central Challenges for the GA Regional Showcase that will be held here at FSAPS.

Two of our teams are working on the structural challenge, Musical Mashup. This involves designing and building a structure that supports weight and is a musical instrument. They must play a musical solo and tell a story with at least one musical character. All ideas and work must be done by team members only.

Four of our teams are working on the technical challenge, Pace of Change. These teams must design and build a vehicle able to carry at least one team member across the presentation area, multiple times. They must also change the vehicle propulsion system and the vehicle movement method during the presentation, as well as present a story about change. All ideas and work must be done by team members only.

Thank you to all of the parents, of our team members, who have stepped forward to help the teams prepare. Without our wonderful parents, the teams would never be able to accomplish their challenges!

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On Friday, April 24th the FSAPS Anime Club had a Lock-In as an opportunity for students to collaborate with others who are fans of the Anime art form and interested in both traditional and pop Japanese culture. The Lock-In began at 4:30 pm with attendees watching some classic Hayao Miyazaki films and finishing up sushi and hibachi dinner orders. As the night went on, we created marbled paper using the Japanese paper marbling art form Suminagashi, cooked our own blueberry bubble tea, and participated in a marshmallow chopstick race for prizes!J The almost all night long event (students took a break in the wee hours of the morning to grab a quick nap) concluded with a breakfast of cheesy eggs, fruit, doughnuts, and Ramen noodles (yes, Ramen).

A big thank you to Mr. Seker and Mrs. Unal for helping this event run so smoothly.

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