On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of March, FSAPS middle school students had the opportunity to attend a special STEAM program at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Each grade travelled to the museum separately to take part in the program, in which they learned how the “A”, or “Art” in STEAM was an integral part of their curriculum and how other academic disciplines are used in the creation of art.

During the program, students were led on a tour of several exhibits from African art to contemporary art and all things in between. In doing so, they were given hands-on experience with the materials used to create artworks throughout history, from the dark and vivid hues of early Italian artists that used egg tempura paint through the modern oils and acrylics of today.

There were several special exhibitions on display during the visit. These included works by Vik Muniz, widely thought of as one of the most innovative artists of the 21st century, as well as the impossible-looking dresses of Iris van Herpen which take their inspiration from nature, technology, and even philosophy to create unique costumes.

Students also participated in a workshop where they were tasked with using all of their STEAM skills to design objects which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing in order to solve real issues facing the world. Examples of issues to look at included water filtration, traffic control, animal shelters, and keeping birds from office windows.

Following the exhibits and workshop, students enjoyed lunch on the lawn outside the museum before returning to school with a new appreciation for the role science, technology, engineering, and math play in the creation of art of all kinds and how art can influence those disciplines as well.

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FSAPS Elementary students visited the Alliance Theatre this past Thursday, February 25th. They were transported through theatre to the magical land of Narnia while watching the play The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! This play is based on the books The Chronicles of Narnia and tells a story of 4 siblings that travel through their wardrobe into a new land. Students loved watching the actors in this land of Narnia as they encountered new creatures, and faced many adventures. In the land of Narnia, we watched as The White Witch attempted to take control of the entire land. The strong and magical lion, Aslan, helped the siblings defeat the white witch and rule the land of Narnia where all the creatures were happy! The stage props, lighting, and being able to sit in the balcony of the theatre made this experience extra special for our elementary students! After the show, we enjoyed a quick snack and juice before heading back to school. The students loved talking about their favorite parts of the play on their way back to school. It was a great day for our elementary students!

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fulton science academy private school leaf and tree study walk

On Saturday, 2nd May, Elementary Science Olympians studying Leaf and Tree Finders went on a Tree Identification Nature Walk. Kavitha Kuppusamy, Lakshya Jasti, Raaga Ajay and Niyomi Shah spent two hours on Big Creek Greenways with their coach Ms. Doraiswami. They identified and saw the leaves, bark, fruit, seed balls etc. of many trees from their list of 20+ trees including Black Tupelo, Loblolly Pine, American Sweetgum, American Sycamore, Yellow Poplar, River Birch and Red Maple. They ran short races with Avinash on the boardwalk, drank water, took notes, had cookies, saw a green snake whip hrough the water into swamp grass, saw a duck, drake and ducklings swim in the water, saw some bracket fungi and had a lot of fun! Each student had a parent accompany them on the walk and they served as backpack carriers, water bearers and pullers of tall branches!
Leaf and Tree Finders are preparing hard for their State Tournament on May 16th and this Nature Walk helped them get a hands on work for their event. Thank you for putting this together Ms. Przedpelski & Ms. Minor!


fulton science academy private school space camp

Students going to Space Camp should arrive at FSA on May 8th at 7:00am. This will begin a fun filled weekend at Space Camp with friends.

Please see some helpful information here. Teacher chaperones will meet with attending students and provide detailed information before the trip as well.

Packing List: (suggested by space camp)

· Padlock for your locker

· Toiletries: soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush

· Sleeping bag or twin size sheets, blanket and pillowcase (pillow provided)

· Towels and washcloths

· Appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions

· Shower shoes

· Change or $1 bills for vending machines

· Closed toed shoes (students will not be able to participate in some activities without closed toed shoes)

· Don’t forget your camera

(Any student who brings electronic devices does so at their own risk. Space Camp will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.)


Friday, May 8, 2015

7:30 AM Load motor coaches

8:00 AM Leave FSA

11:30 AM Arrival to Space Camp & eat lunch at Space Camp

12:30PM Check into the habitat at Space Program (Central Time Zone)

Attend briefing and move into the Habitat. (Bring sleeping bag or blanket, sheet and towels)

Begin program with counselors

Eat dinner at Space Camp (as well as all meals during stay)

9 PM Finish with Pathfinder Program for a good night’s sleep

Snacks can be eaten outside (Vending machines available)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Eat breakfast with your Pathfinder Counselor

Pathfinder Program and meals throughout the day and evening

Sunday, May 10, 2015

11:00 AM Pathfinder Program is completed at 11:00 AM

Bring everything to motor coaches for loading

11:00 AM Load motor coaches

11:30 AM Eat lunch at Space Camp

12:15 PM Leave Huntsville (This is 1:15 PM Eastern time)

5:00 PM Approximate arrival at FSA

5:30 PM Enjoy a delicious dinner at FSA

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Campbell atmcampbell@fultonscienceacademy.org


Fulton science academy private school musicial field trip


On Friday, March 20th the Kindergarten – 5th Grade students traveled to the Alliance Theatre in downtown Atlanta to see James and the Giant Peach – The Musical. This was a fun musical based on the book written by Raold Dahl. It showed the story of a young English orphan beginning to image a bright future. He went on a journey in a larger-than-life enchanted peach. His companions were a zany bunch of insects brought to life by nimble actors. Out FSAPS students enjoyed the fun songs and silly characters during the performance. Our students were very well behaved and showed great theatre etiquette during the performance. It was a fun day for the FSAPS Elementary students!