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We are very pleased to announce that 7th grader, Arul Selvakumar competed in 2016 State Science Fair this past Saturday, April 2, 2016 and won following awards:
  • National Association of Biology Teachers Award
  • UGA Department of Microbiology Junior Award
  • Best in Microbiology Junior Award
  • First Honors Awards.

Congratulations to Arul for this wonderful results. 

For more information about Arul’s project, please see the video below recorded after the regionals.

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BioIgnite Summer Camp

There will be three summer camps at our school this year.

You have heard about S.T.E.A.M. Camp ( and IDTech Camp ( However, you probably have not heard about BioIgnite Summer Camp yet. (

Please see the details about the BioIgnite Summer Camp below:



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On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of March, FSAPS middle school students had the opportunity to attend a special STEAM program at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Each grade travelled to the museum separately to take part in the program, in which they learned how the “A”, or “Art” in STEAM was an integral part of their curriculum and how other academic disciplines are used in the creation of art.

During the program, students were led on a tour of several exhibits from African art to contemporary art and all things in between. In doing so, they were given hands-on experience with the materials used to create artworks throughout history, from the dark and vivid hues of early Italian artists that used egg tempura paint through the modern oils and acrylics of today.

There were several special exhibitions on display during the visit. These included works by Vik Muniz, widely thought of as one of the most innovative artists of the 21st century, as well as the impossible-looking dresses of Iris van Herpen which take their inspiration from nature, technology, and even philosophy to create unique costumes.

Students also participated in a workshop where they were tasked with using all of their STEAM skills to design objects which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing in order to solve real issues facing the world. Examples of issues to look at included water filtration, traffic control, animal shelters, and keeping birds from office windows.

Following the exhibits and workshop, students enjoyed lunch on the lawn outside the museum before returning to school with a new appreciation for the role science, technology, engineering, and math play in the creation of art of all kinds and how art can influence those disciplines as well.

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Pi Day was lots of fun!

Our students were extremely creative in designing their Pi Day t-shirts, it was a hard decision- but here are the winners!

For the digit contest students had to recite 3.14… far as they could remember

3rd grade-Sonia H (52)

4th grade- Fayo A (93)

5th grade- Pranit T (144) -overall 3rd Place Winner

6th grade-Sid T (156)- overall 2nd Place Winner

7th grade-Vishaal R- (222) overall 1st Place Winner

8th grade- Sparsh K (96)

and 1st grader Blake Crosby (100)

a special Thank You to our PVO for planning the Pi Day pizza.

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GREAT NEWS: 1st Place as a Team in 2016 State MathCounts

We are very happy to announce that for the first time in our school’s history, our Math Olympiad Team won 1st place as a team in State MathCounts competition. After so many 1st place awards as a team, this is the latest achievement from our wonderful Math Olympiad Team. 

Two of our students placed in the Top 10, Holden Watson came 2nd and Charlie Furniss came 5th individually.

The rules for this competition beyond state level are that the Top 4 individuals form Georgia will head on to Nationals with the First placed Team Coach. Therefore, our wonderful Math Olympiad Head Coach Mrs. Sema Duzyol and 7th grader, Holden Watson are heading to Nationals! The national competition will be held in Washington DC on May 7 – 10 2016. All of their expenses are paid by the MathCounts Organization.

We wish Team Georgia and Holden the best at the National level. Way to go!

Below are the other achievements of our incredibly successful Math Olympiad Team this school year:

1st Place as a Team in 2016 Woodstock High School Math Tournament at the JV level.
2015 Best Novice Team at the Varsity Level of the 2015 Lassiter High School Math Tournament.

1st Place as a Team in the 2015 Luella High School Math Tournament,

1st Place as a Team in Both the Accelerated Division and the Middle School Division at the 2015 War Eagle Math Competition.

1st Place as a Team at the Junior Varsity Level of the 2015 Rockdale Math Competition

1st Place as a Team at the 6th grade level of the 2015 Eagle Cup Math Competition

2nd Place at the Junior Varsity Level of the 2015 North Fulton High School Math Competitio

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Elementary Science Olympiad Team Won 1st Place as a Team

Elementary Science Olympiad Won 1st Place in Regionals and Advanced to State Competition!
Our Elementary Science Olympiad students competed in their first competition of the year this past Saturday. Our students took home many individual awards and the team placed 1st overall! We will be advancing to the State ESO Competition in May. Congratulations to our students and their coaches on a job well done! Ms. P and Ms. Minor are SO proud!
Don’t Bug Me 
1st Place – Neal Kotval (Not Pictured), Maximus Carver
coached by Mrs. Carver
Rock Hound
2nd Place – Nick Ackaramongkolrotn, Sreshta Gadiparthy
coached by Mrs. Nifadkar
Barge Building
1st Place – Chase Jackson, Siyona Patel
coached by Ms. Minor and Ms. P
Straw Tower
1st Place – Jake Fernandez, Siddharth Yamujala
coached by Mrs. Yamujala and Mrs. Fernandez
Water Rocket
3rd Place – Nick Ackaramongkolrotn, Neel Bhatt, Benjamin Coers
coached by Ms. Minor, Ms. P, and Mr. Ackaramongkolrotn
Bridge Building
1st Place – Jake Fernandez, Neel Bhatt
coached by Mrs. Fernandez
Wildlife Safari
1st Place – Kai Robertson, Chase Jackson
coached by Mrs. Doraiswami
Grasp A Graph
2nd Place – Kai Robertson, Lakshya Jasti
coached by Ms. Minor and Ms. P
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
2nd Place – Benjamin Coers, Vishnu Rao
coached by Mrs. Nifadkar
Weather or Not
3rd Place – Vishruth Arimanda, Lucie Bedore
coached by Mr. Arimanda
No Bones About It
1st Place – Karthik Kuppuswamy, Maximus Carver
coached by Mrs. Carver, Mrs. Kuppuswamy, Mrs. Subbarao

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The FSAPS Social Studies Department would like to congratulate several students for their strong showing at the West Metro Regional Social Studies Fair on Saturday, March 5th. Students from neighboring counties converged on Lake Ridge Elementary School in Clayton County to compete in the fair. FSAPS sent 4 projects representing various social science disciplines and were well-rewarded for their hard work.
First place ribbons were won by 7th grader Isabella Sims for her project, “All The Pretty Horses: The Truth About America’s Wild Horses”, as well as by 8th graders Ananya Pottabhathini and Prajwal Vedula with their project “How Has the Syrian Refugee Crisis Impacted Europe’s Economy?”
Two other entrants, 7th grader James Stevens and 8th grader Sophie Richardson, both received second place ribbons for their projects “How Does Being Bullied As an Adolescent Affect People As Adults?” and “What is the Impact of the Film and Television Industry on Georgia’s Economy?”, respectfully.
The first place winners will continue on to represent FSAPS and the region in the state Social Studies Fair at Clayton State University on Saturday, April 16th.
Thank you to all of the students and their teachers for making this year’s FSAPS Social Studies Fair a success. A lot of hard work went into these projects, and although only a few could progress to this level, we felt there were many deserving of the honor. We are very proud of all of our students that participated in the fair this year and are excited by this success at the regional level.

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