Elementary Science Olympiad Team Won 1st Place as a Team

Elementary Science Olympiad Won 1st Place in Regionals and Advanced to State Competition!
Our Elementary Science Olympiad students competed in their first competition of the year this past Saturday. Our students took home many individual awards and the team placed 1st overall! We will be advancing to the State ESO Competition in May. Congratulations to our students and their coaches on a job well done! Ms. P and Ms. Minor are SO proud!
Don’t Bug Me 
1st Place – Neal Kotval (Not Pictured), Maximus Carver
coached by Mrs. Carver
Rock Hound
2nd Place – Nick Ackaramongkolrotn, Sreshta Gadiparthy
coached by Mrs. Nifadkar
Barge Building
1st Place – Chase Jackson, Siyona Patel
coached by Ms. Minor and Ms. P
Straw Tower
1st Place – Jake Fernandez, Siddharth Yamujala
coached by Mrs. Yamujala and Mrs. Fernandez
Water Rocket
3rd Place – Nick Ackaramongkolrotn, Neel Bhatt, Benjamin Coers
coached by Ms. Minor, Ms. P, and Mr. Ackaramongkolrotn
Bridge Building
1st Place – Jake Fernandez, Neel Bhatt
coached by Mrs. Fernandez
Wildlife Safari
1st Place – Kai Robertson, Chase Jackson
coached by Mrs. Doraiswami
Grasp A Graph
2nd Place – Kai Robertson, Lakshya Jasti
coached by Ms. Minor and Ms. P
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
2nd Place – Benjamin Coers, Vishnu Rao
coached by Mrs. Nifadkar
Weather or Not
3rd Place – Vishruth Arimanda, Lucie Bedore
coached by Mr. Arimanda
No Bones About It
1st Place – Karthik Kuppuswamy, Maximus Carver
coached by Mrs. Carver, Mrs. Kuppuswamy, Mrs. Subbarao

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The FSAPS Social Studies Department would like to congratulate several students for their strong showing at the West Metro Regional Social Studies Fair on Saturday, March 5th. Students from neighboring counties converged on Lake Ridge Elementary School in Clayton County to compete in the fair. FSAPS sent 4 projects representing various social science disciplines and were well-rewarded for their hard work.
First place ribbons were won by 7th grader Isabella Sims for her project, “All The Pretty Horses: The Truth About America’s Wild Horses”, as well as by 8th graders Ananya Pottabhathini and Prajwal Vedula with their project “How Has the Syrian Refugee Crisis Impacted Europe’s Economy?”
Two other entrants, 7th grader James Stevens and 8th grader Sophie Richardson, both received second place ribbons for their projects “How Does Being Bullied As an Adolescent Affect People As Adults?” and “What is the Impact of the Film and Television Industry on Georgia’s Economy?”, respectfully.
The first place winners will continue on to represent FSAPS and the region in the state Social Studies Fair at Clayton State University on Saturday, April 16th.
Thank you to all of the students and their teachers for making this year’s FSAPS Social Studies Fair a success. A lot of hard work went into these projects, and although only a few could progress to this level, we felt there were many deserving of the honor. We are very proud of all of our students that participated in the fair this year and are excited by this success at the regional level.

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On March 4th and 5th, the FSAPS Model UN team travelled to Savannah to take part in the 18th Annual Coastal Georgia Middle School Model United Nations Conference where they put in a strong showing among the many schools and students in attendance.

The FSAPS Model UN team was awarded the Distinguished Delegate trophy for their performance in the competition. In addition, several students received individual awards for the outstanding representation of their respective countries.
Sophie Richardson was named Distinguished Delegate for her representation of New Zealand in the Security Council where Kian Nijaf was given Honorable Mention representing Senegal.

African Union members Saad Maan (Republic of Congo) and Sanjeev Uppaluri (Somalia) were awarded as well, with both receiving Honorable Mention.

The Human Rights Council saw three students win awards with Krishna Patel (Estonia) being named Outstanding Delegate. Sidharth Thatipamula (Somalia) named Distinguished Delegate while Sparsh Kudrimoti (Saudi Arabia) and Maggie Sutton (Japan) received Honorable Mention.

In the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, several students won honors: Arham Alam was named Distinguished Delegate representing Bahrain and Radeen Dixon, Nadine Haddad, and Prajwal Vedula were given Honorable Mention awards for their representation of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia, respectfully.

Finally, FSAPS had great success in the General Assembly with three teams receiving recognition. Peyton Leonard and Armana Patel (Azerbaijan) as well as Mario Machado and Anthony Miramontes (Panama) were given Honorable Mention. Neharika Marupudi and Meghana Raj (Saudi Arabia) won Distinguished Delegation.

The 15 individual awards are the most the team has ever brought home. Congratulations to the entire team for the hard work they put into preparing and competing in the conference!

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Elementary Science Olympiad Late Night Study Session

Our Elementary Science Olympiad students studied hard this past Friday preparing for their regional qualifying competition. Students enjoyed being at school after dark while they practiced…. tested…. and studied for their different science olympiad events.

Our team of 20 students heads to our first competition of the year on Saturday! If you see one of our ESO competitors in the hallway…. make sure you wish them luck for our upcoming competition! They have been working very hard. We really hope we will do well and advance to State!

A special shout out to our parent coaches… you guys ROCK! We are so lucky to have you this year helping to make our ESO year a great one. Thanks for all you do.

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FSAPS Elementary students visited the Alliance Theatre this past Thursday, February 25th. They were transported through theatre to the magical land of Narnia while watching the play The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! This play is based on the books The Chronicles of Narnia and tells a story of 4 siblings that travel through their wardrobe into a new land. Students loved watching the actors in this land of Narnia as they encountered new creatures, and faced many adventures. In the land of Narnia, we watched as The White Witch attempted to take control of the entire land. The strong and magical lion, Aslan, helped the siblings defeat the white witch and rule the land of Narnia where all the creatures were happy! The stage props, lighting, and being able to sit in the balcony of the theatre made this experience extra special for our elementary students! After the show, we enjoyed a quick snack and juice before heading back to school. The students loved talking about their favorite parts of the play on their way back to school. It was a great day for our elementary students!

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Congratulations to 7th grade Life Science Teacher Gabrielle Larson for being selected as STAR Teacher by former FSA student Siri Choragudi. Siri, a senior at Chattahoochee High School, graduated from FSA Charter Middle School in 2012. She earned the distinction of STAR Student by having the highest SAT score on a single test among her Chattahoochee classmates. Each STAR Student may select a STAR Teacher for having made the “most significant contribution to the STAR Student’s scholastic development.” Siri was in Ms. Larson’s 9th Grade Honors Biology class at Chattahoochee before Ms. Larson retired from Fulton County Schools and began teaching part-time at FSA. It was former FSA students like Siri that sparked her interest in teaching at FSA.

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