March 17th Kindergarten Mischief

St. Patrick’s Day morning (March 17th) was filled with mischief and fun for the kindergarteners. Pat the Leprechaun had visited both classrooms overnight and left more than a few surprises! The classrooms definitely looked a little more disheveled than usual and the kids had a great time cleaning up from that pesky leprechaun, but the best part was the riddle-filled scavenger hunt! Students solved clever riddles as a group and traveled around the school to try and find Pat’s pot o’ gold. Alas, he evaded us once again. However, great fun was had by all and the plastic coins we found were almost as exciting as the real thing!

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Fulton Science Academy Crochet Club

The Crochet Club girls are having a great time stitching their way through new skills this quarter. The girls have learned to chain, single crochet, double crochet, and will soon be working on increasing and decreasing to create different shapes. We are so excited to start stitching new spring colors for the warm weather season, and look forward to showing off our new projects!

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Pi Day was lots of fun!

Our students were extremely creative in designing their Pi Day t-shirts, it was a hard decision- but here are the winners!

For the digit contest students had to recite 3.14… far as they could remember

3rd grade-Sonia H (52)

4th grade- Fayo A (93)

5th grade- Pranit T (144) -overall 3rd Place Winner

6th grade-Sid T (156)- overall 2nd Place Winner

7th grade-Vishaal R- (222) overall 1st Place Winner

8th grade- Sparsh K (96)

and 1st grader Blake Crosby (100)

a special Thank You to our PVO for planning the Pi Day pizza.

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Fifth grade students chose historical figures to study, dress as and perform as. Each student relayed facts about their character, but only once their “on button” had been pressed!

The younger elementary grade teachers and students were very impressed with how much work had gone into this social studies project.

Congratulations on a job well done 5th Grade!

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